Friday, February 25, 2011

Maylie and Carter's Birthdays!

Maylie turned 3 years old on the 16th of February! I can't believe how time flies. Of course, she wanted a pink piggy cake! Everyone knows how she adores pink pigs- even Grandma Great! She was so thrilled when I showed it to her- note her face below!

Pretty Big Present!
She unwrapped that huge thing to discover a tea set and kitchen set! She also got a table and chairs. Ryan was really thrilled to particpate in the first tea party- no really, he was! He's looking at me like "you bought more toys? And this one is huge, where will we put it? No more toys. O.K.?"
Love my little 3 year old girl!
Carter turned 5 on the 21st of February! He wanted a spaceship for his cake! So, I constructed this cake- not a simple task, especially considering it fell over twice! But he loved it! He wanted me to put one of his guys in it, but I could only fit a small monkey Maylie had- which I thought very appropriate!
The monkey is posed so that his arm is covering his eyes like he's scared! Even more appropriate!
Carter got a cowboy town, trios ( he loves them), a summer outfit, and a quilt for his bed that took me 3 years to finish!
All in all, I think they had some pretty good birthdays. But I'm a little birthdayed out! It just makes me so sad to see them growing up- and birthdays are not a welcome reminder of that! I love them so so much!


Miles Family said...

What beautiful grandkids we have - looks like you both had wonderful birthdays. You are lucky to have such a good mom who makes your birthdays so fun and a great dad who allows the fun to take place. Grandma and Grandpa loves you so much!!! We hope to see you soon!

Odelsa said...

Kylla, the picture of your hubby with kids on the table is hilarious! He is such a good sport!

Hope you are well. Our babies are's kinda sad!!

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