Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Fun Summer- in a Nutshell!

We had an awesome summer from start to finish! Here's a look at about half of the events that took place this summer:
Lotsa Pool Parties!
Some with friends, some with cousins! Surprise Birthday Parties! (Mainly one for my 50 year old Dad!) We went cowboy theme- hat and all! Looks good! Farnworth Family Reunion-loved catching up with everyone!
My crazy kids excited about the moose in the background! We went camping for the Adams Reunion.
Maylie loves my mom! (Pictures out of order- this is supposed to be with the Farnworth Reunion picture)
Bear Lake Camping with Nick and Tanys!
The kids loved the sand and shallow water- we had a blast!
Maylie is scared to death! She did not want to get on that thing.


Peterson Family said...

What fun! Love all your pictures! It was good to see you today and catch up a bit! It's been a while! Maybe we'll see a little bit more of each other now that summer is over! Sad that summer is over but that's how it works I guess!

Stefanie Sayre said...

looks like you guys had a good summer! Your kids are seriously one of the cutest kids ever! But I guess when their mom is beautiful it's not hard to make cute kids!